CHS Burrow Oat Bait 20/kg : Zinc phosphide…2%

Burrow Oat Bait 20/kg : Zinc phosphide…2% (Commercial)

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Only to be used by Certified Pest Control Operators, Farmers, and Person Authorized in Government-Approved Pest Control Programs.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE- NORTHERN POCKET GOPHERS AND GROUND SQUIRRELS NORTHERN POCKET GOPHERS (Thomomys talpoides) and GROUND SQUIRRELS, e.g.: Richardson’s, Columbian, Thirteen-lined and Franklin’s (Spermophilus sp.). BURROW OAT BAIT can be used in a management program including application with a burrow builder. Applications can be made in spring, summer and fall. For best results apply prior to or following vegetative growth. Consult your provincial vertebrate pest control specialist for the best management practices in your area. BURROW OAT BAIT can be used in such areas as alfalfa fields, pastures, rangeland, golf courses, parks and to protect non-crop areas such as newly planted tree rows, road sides and buried lines. BURROW BUILDER USE FOR POCKET GOPHERS Use a burrow builder machine like the WESTERN ALFALFA or the GOFER. Form a burrow at a depth of 20-40 cm. The machines deliver the bait inside the artificial tunnels that intercept the gopher’s runways. Apply BURROW OAT BAIT at a rate of 3.3 Kg/ha. Apply in a checkerboard pattern throughout the infested area. Apply in burrow runs 7.5 metres apart. After application level mounds using a harrow or similar implement to allow for ease of mound activity monitoring. Check efficacy ten days after application using a mound activity count. Any remaining active mounds should be treated again using a hand probe or burrow builder to achieve maximum efficacy. Repeat applications may be necessary. Treating field margins may inhibit reinvasion.