Decimax Blocks 10kg (Vanilla Scented)

Decimax Blocks 10kg (Vanilla Scented)

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NEOGEN’s DeciMax Blocks include the active ingredient Bromadiolone, a proven and
effective second generation active. Rats and mice may consume a lethal dose in a

single night’s feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing four or five days after

feeding begins. DeciMax blocks have ridges to promote gnawing.

DeciMax Blocks:

Single feed, second generation anticoagulant, Bromadiolone, provides excellent

control in less time after lethal dose is consumed

Palatable formula with grains

Available in 28g (1 oz) blocks

For indoor and outdoor control of Norway and Roof Rats and House Mice

All Weather formulation reduces the risk of ruined bait, while food grade ingredients

provide an irresistible formulation for effective control in most environments