CHS Flex-Trap 100E WP – 1076ft² constructed in a hose proof housing UV-A lamp easy to service 2 year guarantee

Flex-Trap 100E WP Splash Proof – 1076ft²

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1. The unit can be used in different mounting positions on the wall or the ceiling.
2. The unit is constructed in a hose proof housing, which allows the unit to withstand a total wet wash.
3. Glue board placed discreetly behind the lamp.
4. In the heart of the unit is the most powerful UV-A lamp available:
Exclusive to ALCOCHEM the Philips Longlife UV-A lamp offers 2 years of effective use. The Philips Longlife lamp is specifically designed to match the
fly’s vision spectrum with the lamp’s output, for optimum attracting power.
5. Effective coverage of areas up to 100 m2.
6. Easy to service with direct access to lamps and glue board.
7. Meets ISO 9001 / RoHS & the CE standard. Unit is HACCP compliant.
8. 30% improved performance over conventional units due to its unique attraction grid,
which reflects the light onto the landing spot thereby stimulating the landing behavior
of flying insects.
9. The Flex-trap 100E WP is executed with a high frequency ballast, which offer slower operational costs and makes the use of a starter redundant.
10. 2 year full guarantee on the mechanical aspects.