Havoc-XT 40x20g Block Pail CAN

Havoc-XT 40x20g Block Pail CAN

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Bordifacoum is the strongest anticoagulant rodenticide available*.

Havoc-XT® products combine Brodifacoum with a special mixture of highly attractive bait ingredients along with patented food processing techniques.

The result is a superior, single-feed rodenticide with a unique bait delivery system.

Havoc is available in bait packs or blocks. The design of Havoc- XT Blok® include a hole through the center allowing for secure bait placement.
• Second generation anticoagulant – the strongest available*
•  May kill both rats and mice in a single night’s feeding
•  Available in bait packs and block configurations
•  Contains Bitrex® , a child and non-target deterrent
•  For indoor use only